Once my order is placed, how long will it take for my print to arrive?

We send shipments out via USPS at least three times per week. Your item(s) should arrive within 1 week of your order, or sooner. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, please plan for several additional days of shipping time.

For international orders, delivery times can vary based on your location and the state of international shipping schedules. We include tracking information with our shipments, which you can refer to for information about shipment status.

For international orders, will I have to pay and customs, import, or "VAT" fees?

Some countries, like the UK, require recipients of international packages to pay an additional fee upon receiving them. This can occur in other countries as well, so we urge you to check the customs policies in your country before ordering from us.

When I removed my wall chart from its shipping tube, it was curled up. How can I remedy this?

Good question. You can: A) place the print directly into a frame, B) place the print on a clean flat surface and weigh the edges down with books for a day, or C) carefully roll your print around the shipping tube in opposite way it is curling. Then (gently) secure the print with rubber bands and let it sit for a couple of hours.

Do you employ raccoons?

Occasionally. Raccoons' hands are similar to a humans', so they're good at applying shipping labels to our packages. But a raccoon's heart is full of mischief. We have yet to find one that lasts more than two weeks on the job. Last year we employed a 14-pound adult raccoon who was a hard worker, and got along well with the rest of the staff. But one week into the gig, he started scrawling poems on our packages. His vocabulary and use of metaphor was stunning, but we had to let him go.

Also, their W2 forms are a nightmare to fill out.

Can anything besides time heal a broken heart?

No. Sorry.

If black holes can suck light into themselves, is there anything in the Universe strong enough to withstand the power of a black hole?

Yes: just one thing. It's love.

In the 1983 film Footloose, did actor Kevin Bacon do his own dancing?

Mr. Bacon performed the dance scenes in almost the entire film, except for the iconic "warehouse scene". For that sequence, he was supported by a stunt double, a dance double, and two gymnastics doubles.

If I began a rap lyric by saying, "I'm keepin' it real every day and night...", how would Raccoon Society finish the lyric?

In keeping with tradition, we would add a rhyming line, such as:

I'm keeping it real every day and night
My style's electric like Ben Franklin's kite.

Any advice for someone who is trying to teach a group of raccoons to dance in sync to ABBA records?

Ask them to all take a knee. Then explain to them that, if they are willing to put themselves on the line and give 110%, you have a jar of peanut butter with their names on it.

Also, a pro tip: raccoons don't high-five; they fist bump.

Peanut butter on waffles: Yes or no?

Yes. A thousand times, yes.

Peanut butter on pandas: Yes or no?

It depends on the panda and whether she or he enjoys the taste of peanut butter with bamboo. As the panda eats only the shoots and leaves of the bamboo, the experience would be similar to eating peanut butter on celery. Either way, it is best to put the peanut butter in a side dish, as opposed to putting it on the panda. If any peanut butter gets on the panda's paws in her or his bamboo dipping process, standard dish soap and warm water will remove it.

What is the purpose of human life in The Universe?

To cultivate and distribute love, often against the odds.

Have you ever had a peanut M&M in which the peanut had gone bad?

Yes. It's an unpleasant surprise, isn't it.

If you are challenged to a duel and have to accept the challenge in order to defend the honor of Raccoon Society, what would you wear?

Excellent question. We would start with the obvious: flowing white pirate shirts with puffed sleeves, tucked into form-fitting black musketeer tights. On hour heads, Peter Pan caps; each with a peacock feather. And for footwear? Rollerblades. Assuming the duel site is level and clear of rocks, our "blades" would give us an advantage in speed and agility.

Do you have a favorite quote?

We are quote junkies, so we have many. Here is one we recently fell in love with:

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen."

- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross