About Us

The Raccoon Society is a destination for humor, stationery, and gifts. Founded on the principle that silliness should be taken more seriously, we strive to help people take a breath and have a good laugh, damnit.

The Raccoon Society is not a destination for ping-pong supplies, fans of ABBA (regrettably), love letters to circus clowns, messy gastrointestinal issues, ghosts that haunt Taco Bells, advice on swingers clubs, Taco Bells that haunt ghosts, instructions on how to train dolphins, or memoirs written by dolphins who have been trained.

We were founded in 2016 by Timothy and Aurélia Sanders, and have grown into a medium-sized, furry company with no private jet.

Years ago we nicknamed our daughter "Raccoon Girl" because she's smart, mischievous, and funny. We think these same traits should apply to a whole group of people who find humor amidst the craziness of the world. And so: The Raccoon Society.