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  • Can Amusing Notepads Solve Climate Change?

    Can Amusing Notepads Solve Climate Change?

    Dear The Raccoon Society,

    I’ve been reading books about climate change. The threat to our planet is imminent, yet the possible solutions feel slow, laborious, and require people to give up eating beef for every meal. Is it possible for us to bypass this kind of incremental change and just use amusing notepads to fix the problem?

    Concerned in Cincinnati


    Dear Concerned,

    First, let me say that I’m a raccoon. I have a furry mask and little human-looking hands. I learned to type at The Raccoon Society Typing School for Raccoons. Thank you for your question.

    Unfortunately, in order to solve climate change, every major industrial nation must form a global alliance and institute sweeping changes. In contrast, amusing notepads, when sourced sustainably, can make you laugh very hard. But they won't stabilize the planet’s temperature. Likewise, other types of notepads, such as depressing notepads, sexy notepads, and perfectly average notepads, can't fix climate change either.

    But there's good news. When the aforementioned global alliance meets in their giant boardroom, they WILL need to take notes. And do you think depressing, sexy, or perfectly average notepads will do the job? Noooope: those heroes will need the power of laughter to sustain them.

    Bottom line: Amusing notepads cannot solve climate change, but amusing notepads CAN be used to take notes about solving climate change. 


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