The Complete Paintings of Van Gogh

This 24x36” wallchart entertains and educates by gathering all of Vincent van Gogh's 870+ oil paintings on a single page. The thumbnail images are grouped together by subject, so you can easily view his entire oeuvre, or study the specific categories of people, places, and things he chose to paint. The result is a new perspective on the master painter: if you’re only familiar with a handful of his self-portraits, here you can view the entirety of them (38). Or you can study his obsession with wheat fields (42 paintings) and flowers (70), or his portraits of women (85) and men (44).

Size: 24x36"
Full color offset printed in Madison, WI on sturdy, FSC-certified paper
Will fit a standard 24x36 (movie poster) frame size (frame not included)


$24.75 $29.00

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