Baby Animals: Still Cute?

Since the beginning of eyesight, people have been fawning over baby animals. The term “fawning” itself comes from the term “fawn”, a young deer in its first year of life. But with the advent of technology and rapidly changing global affairs, have these adolescent critters stood the test of time? Can their cuteness break through the modern melee of media, culture, and politics?


In support of our position, we present the following evidence:

Wow. That’s a cuteness bomb right there.

Holy cow. I mean holy sheep. That onesie? Kewwwwt !!!

Wait, can you be cute AND majestic? Looks that way.

OK, our hearts just skipped a beat. This might be TOO cute. But no it’s not!

Hey, careful there: just ‘cause it’s cute don’t mean it won’t bite ya.

We don’t even know what this thing is, and it’s hitting all our cute buttons!


Well, this one’s just getting cocky. Careful, Harold. Cocky-cute is a tricky tightrope to walk.

Oh deer. Pretty fucking cute.

If that brat would get out of the frame, this would be a perfectly cute little horse.